Waterproof Hiking Boots

One of the most important features in hiking boots is their waterproofing ability. Most hiking trails are crisscrossed with small rivers and streams, if not bigger ones. With you hit such areas you really want something that is waterproof. While waterproof material is great, many times you just cannot avoid submerging your feet in the water completely. In such cases just waterproof shoes are not useful; you also need breathable shoes that will dry out quickly. So these are the two main aspects of any waterproof hiking books.

Many times the waterproofing features adds quite a few dollars to the shoe price and this can be a huge setback for many people. Some people even contemplate not getting the waterproofing and just using the regular boots. While this sounds like a great decision, it will not take you many hikes to realize that it is a mistake. Waterproof boots are absolutely necessary, if you are a hiking enthusiast. On the trails, you never know what you will encounter and this terrain you will traverse. You should not be limited with what you can enjoy because you do not have the right boots.

There are three popular designs for waterproofed hiking boots.

a) Oil based hiking boots: In these boots the leather is coated with oil to make it waterproof. While this is a highly effective solution, most oil based hiking books do not have a long life.
b) Wax Based hiking boots: These are one of the most effective hiking boots available. They last long and can waterproof the shoes very effectively. However, waxing the shoes can seal the breathing holes in the shoes. What this means is that if your socks ever get wet, it will take long to dry.
c) Silicone hiking boots: These are also very popular waterproofing techniques used in many shoes. The problem with this though is that the boots can crack easily which puts a question mark on their longevity.

Hiking boots are sturdy, long lasting and really great footwear for hiking, but price is always a premium with these boots. On the other hand, some people have found waterproof hiking shoes cheaper and easier to maintain. Boots offer a better level of protection as compared to shoes. But if you are not so keen on long treacherous hikes, shoes would substitute boots well.

Lastly coming to purchasing the waterproof hiking boots, you can get them in stores or online. At the stores, you get to try out these shoes, see if they fit you and make a purchase. However, stores may not the complete range of shoe models in them.

If you purchase it online, you will not get to try the shoes out before purchasing, so you need to know your boot size and also understand the store return policies well, before making the purchase.

Carb Protein Drink

Carb Protein Drink-The Newest One to Come in Sports Scene

Researchers are on the look out to find ways to help athletes to perform better. Earlier it was water they drank during endurance sports such as cycling and running. Later the scientists found that taking drinks that are fortified with carbohydrates could enhance the performances of both endurance athletes and strength athletes. The latest experiments they are engaged in is the carb protein drink

This is a mixture of carbohydrates and proteins in the drink. Scientists have performed several researches on this subject. One research involved ten weight lifters. In one session that lasted for two hours the weight lifters were given carbohydrate drink and on the other they were given carb protein drink.

During each work out their protein break down levels and the protein synthesis extents were measured. It was found that on both parameters the occasion where they drank the drink that had protein were found better.

Another experiment has been conducted with cyclists. The cyclists were asked to report to the laboratory. Then they were given a trial. In this trial they were asked to cover as much distance as possible within one hour. At the end of one hour period they were rested for six hours. They were given placebo drinks, carbohydrate drinks and carb protein drinks just after the trial, one hour after the trial and 2 hours after the trial. Then four hours after the trial a meal was given. Once 6 hour resting time was over they were asked to try the same ride again. Try and cover the maximum distance.

After they came back, the performances were evaluated. It was found that the athletes who were given the carb protein drink fared much better. This is a convincing research done in a very scientific way by a scientist. The results suggest that the new drink is going to hold on as it could help the athletes to perform better.

Since both the experiments returned the same result, it appears that, what this drink do for the athletes will not depend on whether they are endurance athletes or strength athletes. It could help both kinds of athletes.

Presently there are a couple of brands of carb protein drink with which trials have been conducted. In one such trial those who have conducted the trial have found that on endurance athletes the drinks works better. Anyway in the near future more and more brands of drinks will arrive in the market. The drink on which the trial was conducted has had carbohydrate and protein at the ratio of 4:1

It is believed that these drinks reduce muscle damage to athletes. Though the product has already come to the market the arguments and the trials have not finished yet. There will be many more trials conducted in the future, based on the results of those trials already conducted. Whatever the arguments that goes on, there is one thing for sure. That is science is helping to enhance the performance of athletes and the final winners of all these exercises will be the athletes of tomorrow.

Bodybuilding Supplements For Women

Nowadays people have become very health-conscious. As a result, men and women are adding physical exercise in their daily routine. Bodybuilding is part of the exercise routine to build up muscles and toned bodies. Apart from routine exercise and right nutrition, people these days take bodybuilding supplements. The supplements for women are quite different than that of men. For instance, the testosterone boosters are not for women because it will result in deepening of her voice and more hair growth, which of course no woman would like to have.

So what are the advantages of body building supplements? Body building supplements are essential because they prevent nutritional deficiencies our bodies have. The supplements are even more essential for those who are doing strenuous exercise. The exercise demands more vitamins and minerals. Unfortunately our regular nutrition cannot produce some of the essential vitamins and minerals body needs.

There are some body building supplements that are only suitable for women. Creatine may be mentioned as an example. Some creatines are specifically designed for women to prevent from the side effects of conventional creatine. The biggest benefit of creatine is the fact one can accomplish more work. The most common side effects of normal creatine are muscle cramps, irritated stomach, dehydration and loose bowel movements.

Vitamin B supplements help your body in many different ways. They help increasing the metabolism process for carbohydrates, proteins and fat. Vitamin B also helps to have healthy hair, skin and eyes.

Bones are very important for a flexible and healthy body especially when you are doing weight training and other strenuous activities. Calcium supplements helps to keep your bones solid and healthy.

Before you start to build muscle you need to get rid of the extra fat accumulated over the years. Fat burners are designed to knock off the extra fat and they provide you energy and boost up your metabolism.

Protein is one of the most important ingredients in building muscles. Having said so, protein body building supplements play a vital role for women. The protein supplements come in lots of varieties and available in powder form and can be mixed with any drink or shake.

Fatty acid is also very important for women bodybuilders. The fats are called essential because body cannot produce them on its own. Fatty acid can produce a lot of energy. It diffuses oxygen into bloodstream and also normalizes moods.

There are a lot of varieties of supplements available for women today. The question is which ones are right for you. There is no straight forward answer. If you are interested to take supplements, it is advisable you seek expert consultation. Based on your health condition, age, food-habit and exercise routine, a health professional will recommend the most suitable bodybuilding supplement s for you.

Body Fortress Protein Powder- A Food Supplement For Body Builders

If you are a body builder or an athlete, you already know the importance of taking a balanced diet. In addition to taking a balanced diet in your main meals you need to take a protein supplement during and after your exercise routines. This protein supplements are an essential ingredient of your exercise routine as you need to supply the nutrients required by the muscles at the right moment.  Body fortress protein powder is a protein supplement you can use for this purpose.

Proteins are the building block of muscles. You take exercise to shape the muscles the way you want. During exercise, the muscle is subjected to wear and tear. You need to supply the protein needed to repair these muscles immediately. If your blood doesn’t carry an ample supply of proteins the repair job will never take place at the right time. Unless you take protein immediately before the exercise routine or immediately after you will not be able to do the repair immediately. The reason is that the body is not able to store proteins unlike carbohydrate and fat. If you take excessive proteins they will be excreted with urine in the form of urea. This means you must take a protein supplement such as Body Fortress protein powder during your exercise routine.

In addition to the proteins the product carries some dietary fiber which is a very useful ingredient. Dietary fiber is a very useful ingredient of any food. It is a must to include some fiber into your food for healthy living. When you take any food that has this ingredient it creates a gel inside your stomach to make you feel full. It is able to lower the low density cholesterol. It is able to regulate blood pressure and also it could facilitate the food to pass though the digestive system quickly.

The product has branched chain amino acids which are essential for muscle build up. The other ingredients include the minerals and other amino acids. To make the product more palatable, Body fortress protein powder is added with a little sugar and natural flavors in addition to the cocoa. Acesulfame Potassium Sucralose is there as a sweetening agent which is a permitted sweetener for food products.

Body fortress protein powder is able to supply the required protein content for athletes and body builders. They need the right amounts of proteins while they are engaged in the exercise routines. If the proteins are not supplied in the right quantities with proper combination they won’t be able to get the best benefit of the exercise routines. On the other hand if they are given the correct quantities of proteins in the correct dosages the results could be seen in a short while.

The additional compounds in Body fortress protein powder will enhance the health of the athletes and body builders. The product should be used either in the given dosages or the dosage recommended by your physiologist. These food supplements are not harmful for anyone but may not serve the purpose if you use them on your own.

Eco Friendly Furniture

Due to the emergence of monoblock plastic furniture and other plastic furniture, it is common that you see a piece of it in most homes. Personally, I always wanted wooden furniture. However with the growing concern on climate change and global warming caused by deforestation, I wonder how to get wooden furniture and help in the preservation of our forest at the same time.

Modern furniture most likely is full of toxic synthetic chemicals such as stains and fire retardants. The lightweight plywood and particle board used in cheap wardrobes and bedside tables contains formaldehyde which can a carcinogen. On the other hand eco-friendly furniture minimizes the use of chemicals by using natural materials and avoiding chemical coatings and treatments as much as possible.

Eco friendly furniture is expected to last long and be able to be recycled at the end of its usefulness.  Using wood from sustainable source and not from old-growth forests or tropical rainforests in making eco friendly furniture gave me relief that I can still get wooden furniture for my home without hurting the environment. Many eco friendly furniture makers advised that second –hand furniture should not be ignored. They can be repaired and be made to look like new. Generally older furniture has lesser chemicals. For stripping paint on your old furniture, an eco friendly paint stripper can be used. As I search for an eco friendly product which I can use for my old furniture, I came across this new paint stripper that is totally safe to the user and the environment. It is perfect for do-it-yourself enthusiasts.  It can safely remove lead-based paints, oil-based paints, Solvent-bases paints, varnishes and waxes fire-resistant paints. It is really very amazing that more people are into producing eco friendly products.

You can find eco friendly furniture for your bedroom, dining room, living room, office and more.  You can purchase by set or by individual pieces. If you are thinking of changing your furniture like me, consider using eco friendly furniture. You will be surprised that they have elegant and luxurious designs if you want a more high-end look or simple designs that are comfortable and soothing to the eyes.  Even the colors are so fascinating. You wouldn’t believe that most of them are made from recycled materials.

Common materials used for eco friendly furniture are cane wood, rattan, and wicker. Before you finally make your purchase, it is best that you search online from the many companies that offer eco friendly furniture and look for the best design that will suit your personal choice and the over all interior of your house. This furniture can easily blend with any home furnishings. When you do your search, you will be surprised to know that the prices for this furniture are very affordable. With the exquisite design of some furniture, you will not think that they are very affordable.

As always, the way to make your furniture last is the way you take handle and take care of them.  Do not use harsh cleaning detergent, dry cloth sometimes is enough for cleaning. Eco friendly furniture deserves eco friendly cleaner.

What You Need To Know About Air Brush Tanning

The use of airbrush techniques for make ups is quite popular. However the same technique can be used for uniform tanning too. This is something that not many people realise.

The perfect airbrush tan will give you a uniform natural color and you would not see any uneven layers. Over spraying can be detrimental in many ways. To start with your tan will not look uniform and worse it will look completely unnatural.

For the perfect airbrush tan the best place to go is a beauty salon. They have the latest technology and competent staff to give you the best tan. But such quality and service come at a huge price. Besides you need to book a session and go to the salon for the session. The other cheaper and more exciting alternative is do it yourself with an airbrush tanning kit.

The home based kits can give you the same effect as a salon tan. Most designs use a compressor which creates a light mist to give you very uniform color on the skin. The airbrush technique is much better than the spray solutions because you can get a very uniform tan with the former.
Common doubts around Airbrush tanning solutions:

How much do airbrush tanning kits cost?

The range of airbrush tanning kits can vary from relatively cheap ones to quite pricey rates. You can purchase a decent quality tanning kit for around 300USD. The kit is quite durable so this is just a investment up front.
Which is the best airbrush tan brand in the market?

The perception of best varies from person to person. However, in my opinion, the best brand out there is Dinair. Their products are one of leading ones in the market. With great design, you can get a uniform tan by controlling volume, pressure and over spray.
Is airbrush tanning same as applying foundation?

As similar as it seems, tanning is not just applying a foundation. Foundation is mainly used to even out the skin imperfections. The tanning solutions from top brands like Dinair are designed to provide you uniform, natural looking tan. The tan can last as long as 2 weeks, just like any professional tanning service.
The airbrush tanning is a great way to avoid the salons and still get great looking skin. You need not worry about huge price for a good tan. Besides, with systems like Dinair, you not only get a tanning system. You also get airbursh technology for other beauty activities like make up, foundation,etc.

Body Building With Supplements

Supplements are one of the most popular food stuffs today, especially for those who are looking to get a great looking body quickly. Supplements are a great way to reach your goal quickly. But one must always remember that supplements are truly what the name suggests. They are not substitutes, they are supplements. So a nutrient-rich proper balanced diet is absolutely important for a great body.

Supplements are best when you cannot stick to a good diet. Typically you must have around six mini meals of protein and carbohydrate rich food for best results. But for many people following this food regimen is next to impossible. So they need some alternative. This is where the supplements come into picture.

However, for many people they prefer to rely more on supplements than a balanced diet. This increased demand for quick solution to great looking body has driven the demand for supplements and the industry has responded by flooding the market with alternatives.

Some of the most effective and best supplements include whey proteins, meat replacements, glutamine, multivitamins and multi-minerals among others. So if you are not able to keep up with your 6 meal schedule you can opt for these in place of some of them.

However you must be very careful and guarded about your meal preferences if you want to build a healthy body.

a) Always treat supplements and supplements, not substitutes.
b) You need to exercise well and exercise hard for a great body, supplements cannot give you that
c) There are many new supplements in the market that make tall claims. Never fall for them. Stick with the basic supplements that are proven. For example whey protein is the best source of high quality protein supplement.
d) Consume plenty of water. Though this looks very trivial but water can do a world of good to anyone.
e) If you are looking to build power take creatine and for muscle bulk opt for glutamine supplements.
f) Never miss your meal. Have proper meal at least three times a day.
g) Ensure you get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals from your food or supplements.
h) Do not opt for any muscle building drugs. Muscle building is a natural phenomenon and you should get there with supplements and good food. There is no place for drugs in a healthy body building endeavour.
Body building is a tough job but regular exercise, good food and standard supplements should get you there without any problem.

Eco Friendly Home

Making an Eco Friendly Home

With the seemingly uncontrolled population growth especially among third world countries, making an eco friendly home is far fetched. Their houses are usually small in sizes and do not have enough space for all the family members. Highly progressive countries may have larger homes and bigger land space but are not necessarily be eco-friendly.

First to consider in making your home eco friendly is the quality of air that you breathe inside your homes. Studies have shown that air inside the homes can be more seriously polluted than the air outside. Larger homes may not necessarily be healthier for families. More often than not our houses and apartments have become more energy efficient and airtight where humidity levels from cooking and our increased breathing cause mildew and mold to grow inside our homes. Odors from cleaning products, paints, carpets, curtains and other construction materials have the tendency to combine with these contaminants thereby polluting the air that we take in.

To have fresher and cleaner air inside our homes, we should have more windows where air can easily circulate in and out of our house. Avoid furniture or other items block the passage of air at our window. Interior of houses should always be cleaned. If possible avoid using carpets and heavy curtains. Light material curtain will allow air to pass thru our windows.  Wooden or tiled floors that are polished and clean are better than those with carpets.

Chemicals and other toxic cleaning materials should be kept in sealed containers. Drops or leaks may pollute the air and endanger the lives of people living the houses.  If possible, cooking area should be well ventilated. If the kitchen is small, ah exhaust maybe installed. Also, avoid burning food when cooking as it adds to the pollution of air and the smell will be difficult to eradicate inside the house. Use green cleaning products instead of those with harmful chemicals.

Another way of having eco friendly home is to use green building materials for your construction, repair or remodeling. Green building materials are available online. The manufacturers of these green construction materials offer do-it-yourself products which will help you do minor repairs at your homes.

Other simple ways of making eco friendly home is replacing your incandescent light bulbs with more energy-efficient compact fluorescents available in different sizes, wattage and designs. You can also switch from the conventional hot water heaters to solar hot water heaters. Savings can also be done in your bathrooms. You can replace traditional showerheads and toilets with pressurized low-flow alternative where you can save gallons of water per day while reducing your utility bills. For homes with gardens and backyards, capturing rainwater for watering the garden and cleaning porches is a practical way of saving water.

One strategy for energy efficiency in making eco friendly homes is the use of passive solar building design often used in low-energy houses. Designers orient windows and walls and place awnings, porches, and trees to shade windows and roofs during the summer while maximizing solar gain in the winter. There are plenty of ways in making your home eco friendly, choose the best way that will be most beneficial to you and the environment.

Spray On Tan Booth- A Summer Option To Quick Bronzing

Have you ever tried the spray on tan booth? If not, then you are really missing out something. Summer is around and the urge to get the beautiful golden tan is getting stronger. The problem we all are aware of is that it can be somewhat dangerous to actually go for a direct suntan. No worries when you have spray tanning booths ready with you.

The very modern and innovative spray on tan booths provides a unique option helping you get a desired summer tan. Isn’t that interesting? You get your summer tan while avoiding the health risks. With the rising demand of faux-tanning, most self-tanning service providers have come up with innovative ways to create stunning color, avoiding error during the application.

What is spray on tan booth?

Spray on tan booth is used to apply a finely even layer of non-toxic substance on your skin. This substance reacts and turns your skin color into a deep golden brown. Spray tanning booths provide an artificial suntan that can last 10 days long. Normally, the tan remains 7 to 10 days on an average. So it’s a great idea for that special occasions like a graduation or a wedding to oomph your physical beauty.

Spray on tan booth- How it benefits?

It is for sure that use of spray on tan booths is completely safe and very much affordable as well. If you wish to continue with your new skin color for the entire summer then you have to simply book suitable appointments to get the application reinstated.

In the entire United States, faux-tanning has grown to be a big and popular business. Faux-tanning produces more than $2 billion sales each year. The introduction of the spray on tan booths have sky rocketed the sales with this full-proof results.

In the tanning salon market of today, a spray on tan booth has emerged to be a fantastic addition that it worth a try. If you really want to perfectly custom color yourself that can only result from a self-tanner, then you need to try this alternative.

The spray on tanning booth is similar to any tanning bed. Most of the spray booths of today are available in the free-standing tanning spas and saloons. These booths are specifically designed similar to any normal stand-up shower. You even get small spray valves, which are strategically established in the 360 degree rotation enabling the full body application.

Where to look for some high-tech spray tanning booth?

Today, you will find more than 860 salons all over the US, United Kingdom, Australia, Italy, Spain and Canada, providing the best-known tanning options available. However, it will be important on your part to check with the rates as it can vary from one salon to another. Some of the salons include many tanning booths that can be helpful in the peak times and if you often find yourself short of time.

Spray on tan booth is a wonderful alternative in itself. If you are seeking for a consistent tanning product offering fitting skin color, then spray on tan booth should be your choice. So get your basic glow now.

Toyota Corolla Vs Honda Civic

The Corolla and Civic have been two of the best selling cars in the United States since they were introduced in the 1970’s.  These were always the entry level vehicles for these two car manufactures, but have grown up a little bit over the years. They are now both consider mid size cars. It is rumored that this is going to change though. With gas prices not getting any low and the EPA mandating a average fleet fuel rating of 30mpg, you are going to see cars like this getting back to there roots and getting a little bit smaller.


What is the price of these vehicles?

The Corolla is going to start off at $15,350  and top out around $20,000. A Civic will have the same starting price, but can go up to around $25,000 if you are counting the fully loaded Si Sport model that has 197hp and a navigation system.


What is the 0 – 60mph rating on these two vehicles?

The Civic Si with the 2L 197hp engine have 0 – 60 rating of 6.7 seconds. A regular Civic is rated at 7.7 seconds. The Corolla, which does not have a sport model per say, gets 7.9 seconds at its best run.


What are the fuel rating for these cars?

The sportier Corolla gets 22 city and 26 highway.  A regular standard model gets a 30/35 city/highway rating.

The Civic Si comes in at 21/26 and the basic Civic is rated at 29/36 city/highway.


Break it down. What are the best/different attributes from each car?


  • Has a more powerful standard engine
  • This is subjective, but many like the styling of the Corolla better.
  • The Corolla has a trip meter, which the Civic amazingly does not


  • Digital displays on the dash as oppose to analog for the Corolla
  • You get better overall fuel ratings with the Civic
  • The Civic gives you heated mirrors.
  • The interior ambient lighting is really cool and more interesting than what you get in the Corolla
Bottom Line
It is really hard to go wrong with either vehicle. They have both hard outstanding reputations for over 30 years. if fact, take a look around next time you are out on the road. Chances are you will see a lot of Civics and Corollas that are well over 15 years old. These things do not die.